The global economy has undergone the most profound technological, economic and societal shift in over 550 years. The shift to a digital economy is as fundamental as the introduction of the Gutenberg Printing Press in 1450 AD.

A shift in the ways we are connected began 20 years ago, with public access to the internet. The pandemic has focused and accelerated us into a digital economy at a quantum rate.

There is a common misconception that digital transformation is all about investing in new technology, scaled through linear frameworks such as LeSS, SAFe and Scrum of Scrums.

These magnetic tactics create a short term improvement, but they plateau and ultimately fail if all they do is create a new form of top-down bureaucracy and control.

Investments in digital technologies will only succeed if these four interdependent transformations are applied through each other, at the same time.

Customer Value Experience: How the customers and/or the communities you serve experience value. The continuous improvement and transformation of the value that matters to clients, on their terms.

Profit Models: Transformation of the economic viability and public reputation of the organization, to allow future needs of the community or market to be funded.

Digital Leadership: Transformation of a traditional top-down culture to a trans-disciplinary organization built around self-regulating teams.

Value Streams: The way leaders across all levels and disciplines align the transformation of the culture from the inside-out (the employee experience) with the experience of value by customers or communities being served, from the outside-in.

We help organizations build these four interdependent capabilities.