What we do

The True North helps people and organizations to realize their potential through Organizational Design and Leadership Development.

We always begin with your True North.

The True North consists of your needs, interests and stretch.

  • NEEDS: Goals, objectives, priorities, key performance indicators and results to be achieved.
  • INTERESTS: Uniqueness, diversity, what inspires, engages and enthuses.
  • STRETCH: To step up to the edge of uncertainty and make fear, grief, vulnerability and failure a resource to create the future.

Each engagement is unique, based your True North.

The approach we take is determined by your readiness.

  • SUMMATIVE:  You want an independent external assessment of people and the design of your organization.
  • DIAGNOSTIC: We work with you to conduct assessments, develop solutions, implement changes and learn through our shared experiences.
  • DEVELOPMENTAL: We develop your ability to design the organization and assess developmental potential of your people.

Organization Design and Leadership Development are intrinsically linked, as one is not possible without the other.

The way the organization is designed facilitates the effectiveness of leadership development.

Leadership development facilitates the design and continuous improvement of the organization.


  • Summative Professional Development Review (PDR)
    This assessment of current and long-term potential is typically used with external candidates.

  • Diagnostic Professional Development Review (PDR)
    We work with you to conduct a developmental assessment of your people. A developmental assessment does not box people into categories or label them. It offers the candidates with ways to fulfil their current potential and how to develop and fulfil their future potential.

  • Developmental Professional Development Review (PDR)
    We build your organizations capacity and abilities to conduct developmental assessment of potential. This transforms both the succession and talent management process and refreshes the performance management system.


  • Summative Organization Design
    We conduct an independent assessment of your current org design. Provide you with insights into where there is compression (overlaps of roles and functions), where there are gaps, where to reduce costs and waste and ways to radically improve your requisite agility and performance.

  • Diagnostic Organization Design
    We work with you to assess the current structures, processes, systems and culture. We charter Work Out Teams, skill them up and train internal facilitators to drive lean-agile system where necessary.
  • Developmental Organization Design
    We develop the capacity and ability for your leaders in every role to continuously assess, develop and improve the organizations efficiencies and agility. We customize tools and systems that have been used successfully around the world, to meet your unique needs, interests and stretch.