Clients call us in to provide an independent external assessment of their people or their organization, but our preference is to work with clients to develop their capacity to create their own future for themselves .

Leadership is not defined by the exercise of power
but by the capacity to increase the sense of
power among those led. The most essential work
of the leader is to create more leaders.

Mary Parker Follet

Mary Parker made the distinction between coactive and coercive leadership in the 1920’s.

Coactive leadership is about working WITH and THROUGH people, rather than doing things TO them and working OVER them.

Our motto is “Always With, Never To”

Having the best talent is not enough if the system is broken. Agility, innovation and profitability are the outputs of effective organizational design.

These are the 7 Principles of Organizational Design we use at The True North.

1. SYNCHRONICITY – How is the organization designed for unity and collaboration? What are it’s rhythms and patterns of alignment, teamwork and requisite variety?

2. SCALE – How is the organization designed for growth, alignment and transformation?

3. DIVERSITY is not a program, it needs to be designed into structures and systems. How do they recognize and reward fluidity of thinking and relating?

4. TRANSPARENCY – Where is the white space and deliberate redundancy? How does the organization achieve anti-fragility?

5. DISRUPTION – How is the organization designed for sensing, feedback, learning, experimentation? How does it handle and create surprise?

6. FOCUS – How conscious and mindful is the organization? Where is it’s attention? What does it measure? How aware is it of “The Way” it achieves and fails?

7. VALUES – What does the organization claim to stand for? What is it’s actual culture? What is it’s ethos? What and who gets noticed and rewarded?