TRANSFORMATION: Leaders are conscious of the changes taking place in their environment and are proactively taking steps to keep pace through investments in digital technologies, mergers, acquisitions, expansion into new markets and/or the development of new products and services.

DISRUPTION: The organization is #1 in their market and they want to use their leadership position to continue to shape the future. They are willing to disrupt their own success and shake up the market with new business models and unimagined ways of creating value for the customers or communities they serve.

A TURNAROUND or SURVIVAL: Changes in the market have occurred but the organization was so busy with magnetic distractions they did not adjust in time. The organization needs to catch up, effect a turnaround or in some cases is battling for survival. Leaders are racing to stop the bleeding. Struggling to overcome losses in revenue, loss of market share, poor cash-flows, loss of talented people and a collapse of market value.