What is design?

The True North works at the intersection of organizational design and leadership development, as one is not possible without the other.

Most organizations inherit an industrial design and continuously improve within its constraints, until a new competitor disrupts the sector and takes over the market, applying Knowledge Age design principles.

The True North moves organization design and leadership development into the Knowledge Age.

People often confuse structure with design, but they are not the same thing.

Structure, process and systems are a sub-set of design. The most important element of design is respect. Without the connection to and through people, design is immaterial.

True Design begins with the human experience.  The essence of any design is in needs, interests and stretch.

Culture is the driver of design, not an after thought.

  • NEEDS: Goals, objectives, priorities, key performance indicators and results to be achieved.
  • INTERESTS: Uniqueness, diversity, what inspires, engages and enthuses.
  • STRETCH: To step up to the edge of uncertainty and make fear, grief, vulnerability and failure a resource to create the future.

Needs, interests and stretch, shape an individual’s performance, how teams work within and with each other, cross-functional alignment and the success of the overall organization.

When people, teams and organizations are conscious and aware of their True North, they tap their imperceptible potential and grow in ways they never imagined.

Conscious organizations allow people to break out of the shackles of behaviouralism and create the narrative that shapes the future.

When people and organizations are not conscious of their True North, they become driftwood, they go in circles, trapped doing the same things over and over, hoping for a different result.

They get dragged along by the dictates of their circumstances and the environment they have inherited. They burn-out, wasting resources and people’s lives without assessing the real cost to themselves or the institutions they are leading.

We become what we measure. When leaders are measuring the wrong things they work way harder than they need to, miss vital opportunities sitting right under their nose, wasting potential and precious time they are never going to get back.

True potential resides in the white space between people, teams, functions and organizations. 

The True North creates and cultivates conscious organizations where mindful leadership is designed into every role relationship.

When people, teams and organizations are conscious, they realize their summative, diagnostic and developmental potential through their True North. This is what we do.