What is True North?

There is often a difference between what we immediately see and what is really going on under the surface. To discern the truth we need to pause. We need to slow down to speed up.

Our True North is our conscious awareness of what is really going on, surfacing what is important, doing what matters, being true to who we are and who we can be.

Our True North is our nature. It is more vast than markets and organizations. It is aligned with the sun, the moon, the stars, mother Earth and the universe.

A compass points towards Magnetic North. It reflects the magnetic fields of the earth. These magnetic fields are moving all the time.

Magnetic North is an approximation of True North. It isn’t true.

The original compass app on the iPhone pointed to Magnetic North. Recognizing this error, Apple updated their app to allow for the adjustment to True North.

There is a difference between what our tools and instruments are showing us and the truth of what is going on. The difference is in our conscious judgment. Our fearless presence in the here and now.

When we are not conscious of our True North, when we are vague about our Values and the Mission of our life, we follow the inherited and inherent magnetic instruments blindly. We succumb. We become driftwood. We spin in meaningless circles.

The harder we work the more we are trapped in our hapless ego, hoping for a different result.

Organisations that are failing or stuck in a plateau are working harder than those who are flourishing.

This is how once successful companies and leaders suddenly fail. They get so wrapped up in the magnetism of what they are used to doing, they are no longer conscious of what is going on, doing what they truly need to do, being who they need to be.

What is your True North?

What is the true purpose and meaning of your your life, your work, your organization, your society? How much time have you devoted to determining this?

Are you a Conscious Leader?

Do you lead a Conscious Organisation?

Do you live in a Conscious Society?

Are you aligned with your True North or the convenience of misleading instruments?